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Company Profile

The vision of Yaşar Özkan, first revealed in 1962, continues today in a company driven by passion, discipline, and the determination to put service to its customers above all else.

Since this time the company has built experience and reputation both on a national and international level through contracting the construction and erection works in the most satisfactory manner. Our company undertook pipelines, tank farms, various heating and conditioning works, and mechanical projects from Nato, Ministry of Defence, Turkish Petroleum Corporation, and Ministry of Transportation during the first quarter of its establishment.

Yaşar Özkan Inc. launched its first international contract in 1979 in Libya. The company completed various infrastructure, housing, and hospital constructions with success. Its dedication to service, quality workmanship, and adherence to accepted international standards, enabled it to rapidly make a name for itself among top Turkish contractors involved in infrastructure and building construction projects in Libya. Through the years the work capacity of the company had increased through administrative buildings, housing, school, warehouses, and committee building constructions. More than forty years later, Yaşar Özkan Engineering and Contracting Co. Inc. continues to participate in high-visibility Libyan projects.

Continued growth and expansion necessitated the transformation from a private company to a Joint Stock company in 1990. In that year the company changed its name to Yaşar Özkan Engineering and Contracting Joint Stock Company.

Fueled by growth and rising demand for its services, the company broadened its focus to include residential and industrial facilities, infrastructure construction, and the general contracting market. Yaşar Özkan A.Ş. is proud to have participated in several major projects giving the company an honorable reputation for superior quality and unwavering honesty among multiple clients in Russia.
As a result of its commitment to excellence, Yaşar Özkan A.Ş. increased its penetration into domestic and international markets and increased its participation in various construction and assembly projects.

The company's efforts were rewarded by earning a place among the "225 Largest International Contractors" in the years 1983, 1985, 2003, and 2008 as selected by the publishers of the construction sector magazine Engineering News-Record. This recurring honor places Yaşar Özkan A.Ş. among the top international contracting companies in the world.

Yaşar Özkan will work with partners, governments, or private entities to continue to perpetuate its hard-earned integrity through honesty and experience.  



Board Chariman

Firma Profili

Who is Yaşar Özkan?

He was born in 1932 in Göynük village of Nevşehir-Avonos. After completing his primary school in his village, he graduated from Tophane Art School in 1950 and from the "Istanbul Technical School", now known as "Yıldız Technical University", Mechanical Engineering Department in 1955.

After his graduation, he worked for a short time at MKE Kırıkkale Rice Factory in 1955.  He started his military service in the 43rd Term Reserve Officer School in the winter term. After completing his 24-month military service, he got a job at DSI Underground Waters in 1957.  After managing exploration drillings in various regions of Turkey as a Chief Engineer at DSI for 4.5 years, he left DSI in 1962 and founded the Contracting Company bearing his name.

Apart from his contracting activities, he spent the last 15 years as a private hobby, examining and researching the works written for research.  Some of the articles he wrote as a result of his research were published in the "Construction Industry" and "ITU Foundation" Journals. Some of the articles published so far are the Hologram Universe, Hologram Brain, Similarities Between Quantum Physics and Ancient Teachings, Nanotechnology, Tachyons, The Adventure of Our World for the Last 70 Years, Global Warming and System of Insects.

Yaşar Özka Kimdir?
İş Yerinde Arılar

Board of Directors





M. Zümrüt ÖZKAN

Chairman of the Board

Deputy Chairman of the Board

Board Member

Board Member

Board Member



General Manager

Ozkan Bugra TELEMEZ

Foreign Relations and Finance Director


Management Department

Emre Enver DIKMEN

Assistant Technical Coordinator

Ali Emre SAHIN

Assistant Technical Coordinator

Fields of Activity

Faaliyet Alanları

Fields of Activity



  • Housing Complexes

  • Business Centers

  • Official and Administrative Buildings

  • School, Dormitory and amphitheater

  • Steel Structures

  • Hotels and Holiday Villages

  • Building Automation and Mechanical Works

  • Smart Building Systems


Electric & Electronic Works

  • HV-LV Power Transmission and Distribution Lines

  • Transformer Substations and Switchgear Yards

  • Outdoor Lighting Installations

  • Airport Terminal Building Electronic Systems

  • Security Systems

  • Building Automation Installations 


  • Oil and Water Storage Tanks

  • Pumping Stations and Pipelines

  • Sewerage and Rain Water Lines

  • Airports

  • Shore Fortifications

  • Infrastructure for Housing Complexes


Health Facilities, Industrial Plants & Fine Works

  • Hospitals

  • Turnkey Dental Clinic

  • Plant Constructions

  • Mechanical Erections

  • Electric and Electronic Installations

  • Government and Private Buildings Renovation and Decorations

  • Open and Closed Pool Construction

Our Occupational Health & Safety Policies


As Yaşar Özkan Inc., we declare that; We will establish an environmental management system that develops and proceeds the environmental consciousness of our employees, 

Therefore, we will protect the natural environment by minimizing the effects through cooperation with voluntary institutions and society, Through the integration between Technology, Economy and Environment; we will enrich our economy as we prevent the waste of natural sources, diminish the amount of waste and recycle that waste by using suitable technology, 

In today’s rapidly evolving technology and the changing environmental approaches to environmental and human health protection; we will give priority to the education and practices of our company and the active participation of all employees by providing a dynamic environmental policy.


As Yaşar Özkan Inc., we declare that; We will act with all applicable laws and regulations, we will ensure that we protect the safety of our employees who are the most valuable resource of all, and occupational health, minimize the effects of their work and service production and possible work-related accidents; and develop productivity and quality in this direction, We will contribute to the development of responsibility awareness by organizing training programs and ensuring that our employees understand their responsibilities and their role in this system, 

With the participation of our employees, we will provide a safe and healthy work environment by eliminating the potential risks to endeavor to reach our goal of “zero accidents”. We will set new goals each year, to ensure the continued development of the OH & S system.

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