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Prime Ministry's Ainzara Administrative Building 

2007 - 2008 Tripoli
  • Construction of Main Building

  • Full Building Automation, including CCTV and Fire Alarm

  • Central Heating and Climate Control

  • Access Control on All Doors

  • Electrically Controlled Window Glasses which can be either opaque or clear

  • Landscaping of 100.000 m2 Area

  • Planting 1900 Fruit and Olive Trees

  • Central Music Broadcasting which can be controlled from each individual listening points

  • Fully Equipped Fitness Center, Steam Room and Massage Room

  • Service Buildings

  • Winter Garden 

  • Bungalow House

  • Furniture and Equipment of All Buildings 

  • 1500m3 Underground Water Reservoir 

  • Reverse Osmosis Water Purification System for Domestic Water with Filters 

  • Site Water Distribution System 

  • Waste Water Collectors 

  • All Mechanical and Electrical Equipment 

  • Transformer Station of 1500 kVA, Stand-By Generator of 1500 kVA and Site Electric Distribution 

  • Satellite TV System

  • Active Lightning System

  • CCTV Scanning System on Perimeter Walls

  • Buried Ground Detectors all Around Inside the Perimeter Walls  

  • Water Distribution Piping

  • Sewer Collectors

  • Electric Power Distribution System 

Prime Ministry's Administrative Building

2007 - 2008 Tripoli
  • Area of the Building: 435 m2

  • Single Storey Concrete Building

  • 5 Main Sections Consisting of Entrance, Fitness Center, Spa, Luxury Suite, and Lobby

  • 270 m2 Swimming Pool with Jacuzzi

  • 16-Person Mini-Bar

  • Laminated Wooden Pergola Above the Bar

  • Satellite System

  • Closed Circuit TV System

  • Switchboard

  • Central Speaker System

  • Teak Parquet Floor

  • Central Alarm System

  • Heat and Gas Detectors

Renovation And Equipping of State Data Center

2008 - 2008 Tripoli
  • Re-construction of Existing Steel Structure Building

  • Supply, Installation and Start-Up of Full PC Systems and Servers

  • 12 Application Desks with Fingerprint System, Automatic Photographing, Q-Matic for Applicants

  • Full Building Automation of the Building including CCTV and Fire Alarm 

  • FM-200 Fire Extinguishing System for Data and Panel Board Rooms

  • Central HVAC System

  • Temperature and Humidity Control for Server and Main Operation Room

  • Construction of Faraday Cage All Around the Data Room to Protect the Server System from Magnetic Leakages 

  • Access Control on All Doors 

  • Public Announcement System

  • Telephone System

  • All Mechanical and Electrical Equipment

  • 1200 kVA Stand-by Generator and Site Electric Distribution // Active Lighting

  • System Covering the Full Area

  • Guard House and Main Gate Access Control System

  • Concrete Paving of External Area

  • Car Parking

  • Perimeter Wall and Fence 

Renovation of Tripoli University Male Dormitories

2009 - 2010 Tripoli
  • Repairing and Strengthening Concrete Structure 

  • Renovation of All Fine Works and Architectural Items

  • Renovation of All Plumbing

  • Installation of the HVAC System

  • Total Renovation of the Electrical System

Al-Jufrah Administrative Buildings Project

1992 - 2002 Houn